Who's Using Microsoft Azure? [2020] | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy (2022)

Who's Using Microsoft Azure? [2020] | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy (1)

Who's Using Microsoft Azure? [2020] | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy (2)
Dave Tracey

Who’s using Microsoft Azure in 2020?

We've assembled a range ofcustomer case studies, shared Azure’s slice of the market, and provided a fewmore interesting facts and figures.

(FYI, we also have the low-down on who's using AWS as well as who's using GCP!)

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is MS’s answer to cloud services for business. The Azure platform comprises hundreds of cloud services that can be purchased for use either as solo products, interconnected components, or end-to-end pipelines. This As A Service model removes the need for businesses to invest in expensive company owned and managed IT infrastructure.

The product line contains virtual machines, AI and machine learning services, virtual network infrastructure, blockchain services, container instances, databases, DevOps pipelines, IoT infrastructure, user and group identity services, developer tools, and storage solutions - among others.

Azure’s suite is constantly expanding, with cloud quickly becoming the go-to strategy for innovation in business IT services. With easy to use interfaces, numerous pricing models, and a top of the line service catalogue, it can be a simpler, more cost effective way to implement IT infrastructure. Security and compliance tools are state of the art and with a multi-layered security approach, you can feel safe that the underlying hardware and firmware are protected while you take advantage of Azure’s services to secure your applications and data.

Built for interconnected modularity

The Azure product line was introduced in 2008 as a cloud platform comprising of multiple interconnected services designed to develop and deploy .NET applications (a Windows programming language specific). It has grown to be a far bigger and comprehensive platform than perhaps the first teams ever imagined.

Each service is designed to be a modular component that can plug into other Azure services, as well as (oftentimes) other external cloud or on-premise services. This highly modular design, combined with a software interface to build IT infrastructure rather than purchasing and configuring hardware, makes it the perfect modern solution to build end-to-end IT solutions for business.

With each new Azure service released, you’ll find improved and innovative ways to grow your IT services.

Why Azure?

If you want to ask why choose Azure for cloud services, look no further than our comprehensive list of their clients below! Big names in business trust Azure for a multitude of different use cases.

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Microsoft Azure’s service offering is growing at speed. Spurred on by digital transformation, businesses have increasingly turned to cloud services to support their sprawling IT needs.

For businesses already using Microsoft 365 and/or Active Directory, Microsoft Azure is a natural progression in a known environment. The bundling and modularity that’s inherent in Azure extends to other Microsoft products, making it an attractive offering in the market.

Azure also has plenty of support from partner companies (like Contino!) that help businesses to both build out their ideal Azure stack as well as set up management processes to ensure cost-effectiveness, compliance, and world class IT services for their end users.

A Look at the Uptake of Azure

While Azure doesn't publish their number of current users, what we can see from Microsoft’s 2020 Q2 report is that Azure revenue growth is up 62% from the same period in 2019. This will be due to a combination of customer growth and services revenue growth among current users.

If we take a look at another source, Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report 2019, we saw enterprise adoption of Azure up 3% to 60% over the year, vs AWS’s 67% remaining stagnant, among the sampled organisations.

Cost-effective cloud migration with H&R Block

Tax specialists for over 65 years, H&R Block know their financials. What began as a direct cloud migration in 2018 quickly evolved into something more. What many companies don’t realise when they begin moving their onsite infrastructure to the cloud is that the two are built differently - direct migrations lead to cost inefficiencies.

Using best practices from the Well-Architected Framework, H&R Block leaned into re-architecting their apps for the cloud, by using auto scaling services, capacity management programs, reserved capacity instances, Hybrid Use Benefit, and resource rightsizing.

With a cost optimization roadmap that focuses on iterative readjustments, the company is able to redefine and tweak service management to ensure costs remain as low as possible.

Tetra Pak innovates with Azure IoT Hub

Tetra Pak has been a known name globally in the production of packaging in milk, but their packaging also extends to products like kitchen shelving and refrigerators. With huge factories comprising of thousands upon thousands of interconnecting components, turning these into smart factories is the way for this company to remain a global leader.

Tetra Pak has implemented Azure IoT Hub for use in their smart factories to ensure a single source of truth for IoT data. By using the IoT Hub, they’re able to gain insights into what’s happening in factories at the shift, factory, cluster, and global level. This includes data on productivity, safety, and quality.

With dashboarding and alerts available in near real time, Tetra Pak is able to do complex decision making on the fly. Security and compliance are displayed in Power BI for insights available at a glance.

Azure Customers: The Ultimate List

365mc, 3M Informatics, A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, Absolut, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), Accenture, AccuWeather, Actionable Science, Acumatica, Adobe, Airbus Defence and Space, American Cancer Society, Amtrak, Asics, ASOS, Aston Martin, Australian National University, AXA, BetOnSoft, Bing Ads, BMW, Bosch, BP, Brooks Running, BUCHER VASLIN, Bühler Group, Caesars Entertainment, Carlsberg Group, CBRE, Chevron, Citrix, City of Taipei, Coca-Cola, Connect2Field, Digital Air Strike, Docusign, Dongguk University, DriveTime, Een Veilig Gevoel, EY, Fabletics, Flavorus, Frame, GeekWire, GEICO, GigNow, GRISARD MANAGEMENT AG, Hearst Corporation, Hogg Robinson Group, Honeywell Inc., HP, Icertis, InterContinental Hotels Group, Johnson Controls, KMG Chemicals, LexisNexis, Lexmark International, Making Waves, Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Mall of America, Marc Jacobs, Medialogia, Miami Heat, Monday.com, NAVA, NBC Universal, Neural Studio, New Zealand Ministry of Education, Northumbria University, Pitney Bowes, Plante Moran, Polycom, Prevedere, RadioShack, Reuters, Ricoh USA, Rio Tinto, Roche Diagnostics, Schulich School of Business, Seattle Seahawks, SiriusIQ, Spaactor GmbH, Stackify, Symantec Corporation, Telenor, Tencent, Thales Digital Factory, Transport for London, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Uber, Ubisoft, Uklon, Vivli, Vodafone, Walgreens, Webzen, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Whole Foods, Wineshipping, Xbox, Youth Employment Service (YES),and more.

Microsoft lists 1,239 case studies on their website. And...we decided that we wanted to know who they all were. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog for a list of EVERY SINGLE publically-known Microsoft Azure customer.

We're warning you: it's long!

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The Big Spenders

Azure goes across industries, verticals, locations, and business types and sizes. To see who’s spending the most on their services, we can do a search with Intricately, seeing who is spending $500K+ a month (as of 18/02/20). Check out who some of the biggest spenders on Azure are at the moment:

1) Verizon: $79.9 million
2) MSI Computer: $78 million
3) LG Electronics: $76.7 million
4)CenturyLink: $61.9 million
5) NTT America: $48.7 million
6) Wikimedia Foundation: $42.6 million
7) LinkedIn Corp: $41.2 million
8) News Corp: $40.5 million
9)Adobe: $39.9 million
10)Intel: $38.5 million

Who's Using Microsoft Azure? [2020] | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy (3)

Who's Using Microsoft Azure? [2020] | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy (4)

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Putting Azure to Use

Now that we’ve seen some of the organisations using Azure, tracking the big spenders, let’s take a closer look at how different players use Azure within their businesses. Here are some case studies that might give you a different perspective on how you might use Azure within your organisation.

Adobe’s Experience Cloud

The Adobe suite has had a massive overhaul over the past 10 years, now moving their multimedia creation software suite to a cloud-based subscription model, with strong integrations between products such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud.

In 2017, the Adobe Experience changed with a number of products designed specifically for new multimedia consumption and tracking, powered by Azure: these included Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. Analytics Cloud is now also enriched with Power BI so customer engagement can be tracked across all touchpoints. Azure makes this data federation and custom views an intuitive, comprehensive product for content producers, from small businesses through to enterprise clients alike.

3M and Blockchain on Azure

One of the most interesting uses of blockchain is in supply chain verification. This is when all parties involved in a supply chain are able to sign off on a verified handover. By choosing trusted parties as a federation and doing blockchain handoffs, 3M have been building Label-as-a-Service.

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The point in this case is to verify that pharmaceuticals aren’t cheap knock-offs, or replaced with an inferior product or component throughout the supply chain process. Developing the solution required building with blockchain on Azure, combined with Azure SQL Database which allows connections with deep analytics tools.

With a label at the end, placed on a product, which is then able to be scanned and confirmed at each handoff throughout the supply chain, this provides a verifiable environment. 3M are looking at this Label-as-a-Service for supply chains not only internally, but for other companies, too.

HP’s AI for Customer Service

HP is a global computing brand that needs to field upwards of 600 million tech support contacts each year: an average of over 800K enquiries per day. Obviously, it’s impossible (or at least financially impossible) to be able to have that many knowledgeable customer service representatives on hand to field incoming questions in a timely manner.

That’s why HP turned to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI solution for customer service, building virtual agents that could respond as humans do to common and/or simple incoming questions from HP customers.

When installing the virtual agents on HP devices, and an incoming query is fielded via the HP Support Assistant, then even when a question cannot be answered, device numbers and diagnostics can be collected to pass on to a real world customer service agent. By design, the solution can learn over time, so it gets better with helping customers deal with issues without the need for a person to intervene or long wait times.

ASOS Beefs up Security

As one of the world’s largest online fashion retailers, ASOS is a prime target for cybercriminals; through fraud, hijacking, data breaches, etc. In the past, ASOS had a diverse set of security protocols and teams, plus a data centre environment that didn’t lend itself well to a holistic view of security.

It was determined that a security operations centre (two, actually) was needed to address security proactively within the business. Security operations centres need a good SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) capability/software solution to bring all security operations together. Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Azure security services was the chosen infrastructure to help security teams fight the cyber fight.

According to Stuart Gregg, Cyber Security Operations Lead, “With everything running through Azure Sentinel, we’ve reduced the time spent on case management and resolution of alerts by approximately 50 percent.”

Hokkeido Electric Power Co. Battles Natural Phenomena

This one’s a bit of a tale. The Hokkeido Electric Power Co. are the only suppliers of electricity in the Hokkeido region in Japan. Back in September of 2018, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the island, causing deaths, loss of homes, and widespread damage to critical infrastructure.

One of these such infrastructures was some of the IT services needed by the Electric Power Co., as the team scrambled to work through the emergency. Due to massive traffic increases they were finding key information in their data center in Hokkeido became very difficult to access. The system itself was only running on an emergency power supply, too, which would’ve caused a complete outage once the fuel ran out.

An immediate data migration of the company’s website and other critical web services to Azure was the fix. Luckily, a few months prior, the company had been in talks with Microsoft, and so picked up the conversation again straight away, rolling over in just a few days - a testament to the parties on both sides.

Frame Delivers AutoCAD on a Tablet

In graphics-heavy fields, such as engineering and 3D video production, there has always been the need for a powerful desktop computer. So how did Frame put AutoCAD on a tablet? By offloading GPU services to Azure’s lightning fast NVIDIA Tesla GPUs featuring NVIDIA GRID 2.0 technology, available via the Azure Virtual Machine N-Series.

Using Frame, users can then start up either a single or multi-core GPU VM to do heavy scene work, all from a tablet or laptop’s browser, out in the field.

By removing this barrier (i.e. being chained to a desk(top)), this gives a significant benefit for designers. The ability to run any software - even a graphically intense product - in a browser makes Frame a desirable company tool.

Did You Know?

The clients above have used Azure to solve a range of very diverse problems, so you may have a better idea of what they could possibly do for you - it’s not just cloud storage! Here are some more stats that should help you get an even more clear picture of Azure.

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Azure was launched 10 years ago, in February 2010, and while it has always been seen as AWS’s less popular, younger competitor, the tides are changing and Azure is catching up. Microsoft’s overall revenue for FY20 Q2 was $36.9 billion, increasing 14% from FY19 Q2 figures. Much of this is likely to be attributed to Azure uptake, although Microsoft keeps a zipped lip on Azure-specific revenues.


If you take a look through our list of companies earlier on in the piece, you’ll see that many of these are companies with industry longevity. These are huge enterprise players and come in alongside government and community bodies, as well as other businesses. With many organisations already equipped with O365, investigating Azure and integrations is an obvious step.

On the developer side, Azure can be particularly appealing for their end-to-end DevOps for Azure toolchain. According toStack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, 11.9% of developers currently worked with the Microsoft Azure platform, and 65.4% reported loving the experience.

Services, Regions and Partners

Come 2021, Azure willoperate across 56 cloud regions in 21 countries, with their latest addition of an Israeli data centre. Azure services are available in141 countries- although not all services are available in all countries or regions.

Microsoft currently lists over 200 different Azure-branded services, under categories including databases, containers, Internet of Things, security, networking, identity, storage, and more.

The Microsoft Partner network lists companies who are trained Azure experts, usually in one or more specialised fields, that help businesses undergo digital transformation with the help necessary to succeed. There are Microsoft partners all over the world to help out. We are proud Microsoft Azure partners with a distinct focus on Azure’s role in DevOps and Cloud Transformation.

Market Share

According to thelatest research from Jefferies, Azure’s estimated market share in the cloud services market in 2020 will be 31%, up from 26% from 2018. This is in opposition to AWS, with 67% in 2018, down to an estimated 60% in 2020, and Google Cloud, with 7% in 2018 and 9% (estimated) in 2020 respectively. Note that these figures don’t discern between Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service.

The Azure Opportunity

When it comes to choosing a cloud provider, it’s all about company best-fit: whether that’s a total Azure overhaul or a mixed-cloud solution.

Take the time to browse Azure’s list of services, watch some case study seminars, and have a think about just where Azure could take your business.

Contino is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, with a distinct focus on Azure's role in DevOps and Cloud Transformation.If you need some help? Don’t be afraid to ask us.


Alright. Here we go. 1,239 Azure customers. Brace yourself.

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Get in touch if you're interested in Microsoft Azure, Cloud Native or Cloud Migration!


Which company uses Microsoft Azure? ›

Companies using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for Application Hosting and Computing Services include: Walmart Inc., a United States based Retail organisation with 2300000 employees and revenues of $576.01 billion, Exxon Mobil Corporation, a United States based Oil, Gas and Chemicals organisation with 63000 employees ...

Which companies are using Azure Devops? ›

Companies Currently Using Azure DevOps Server
Company NameWebsitePhone
Unitedhealth Groupunitedhealthgroup.com(952) 936-1300
C.H. Robinsonchrobinson.com(952) 937-8500
Fiservfiserv.com(262) 879-5000
Wells Fargowellsfargo.com(866) 878-5865
2 more rows

What percentage of companies use Azure? ›

Almost 70 percent of organizations worldwide use Microsoft Azure for their cloud services.

Does Netflix use Azure? ›

Like many companies that use AWS, Netflix spends the most on Amazon EC2 ($3 million/mo) and much less on AWS Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon CloudFront, and other AWS products. Intricately also shows us that Netflix spends $1 million/mo or more on Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Akamai.

Does Amazon use Azure? ›

No, Azure is a cloud platform introduced by Microsoft in 2010, whereas AWS is another cloud platform introduced by Amazon in 2006. While both the platforms have similar use cases and are prevalent in the Big Data community, their parent companies are not the same.

Does Apple use Azure? ›

Apple has been using Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's S3 to store encrypted portions of some iOS files for the past few years. But Apple is now using Google Cloud for some storage needs.

Who is better AWS or Azure? ›

Both Azure and AWS offer pay as you go pricing model. AWS is chargeable on an hourly basis whereas Azure is chargeable on a per-minute basis. Azure offers more flexibility in short term subscriptions plans. While comparing the two, Azure is more expensive.

Does Walmart use Azure? ›

The partnership, said to be five years long, will enable Walmart to use Microsoft Azure cloud technology, powering Walmart's analytics and business intelligence including the development of algorithms for consumer behavior and sales-data sharing.

How many companies are using Azure? ›

Of the known platforms and services currently used; there are roughly 81 products and 1,946,505 companies using these products.

Which company is best for DevOps? ›

Top 5 Companies using DevOps in 2021 – All you need to know!
  • Amazon.
  • HP.
  • Etsy.
  • Netflix.
  • Adobe.
Dec 16, 2021

Does Amazon use DevOps? ›

Amazon has a reputation for impressive DevOps. The transition to DevOps was a part of the company's 2010 move from physical servers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, a change that allowed them to save resources by scaling capacity up and down in single-serve increments.

How many Fortune 500 companies are using Azure? ›

Over 700 businesses and government organisations have adopted our AI solutions to drive breakthroughs in their digital transformation.

Why do companies use Microsoft Azure? ›

Azure is a great fit for organization of all sizes and all industries, and makes starting with cloud computing easy. It is a highly flexible platform that offers many different programming languages, tools and frameworks provided by both Microsoft and third parties.

Why do companies use Azure? ›

Azure Provides Strong Open-Source Analytics Support

With Azure, your business will benefit from managed SQL and NoSQL data services and embedded support. This will enable you to dig deep into data to better understand and continually improve business processes and improve data-driven decision making.

Who does Apple use for cloud? ›

Apple relies on a combination of its own data centers and third-party cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, to store iCloud user data like photos and messages.

Which cloud is used by Facebook? ›

AWS | Facebook Application Hosting.

Why did Spotify leave AWS? ›

Given this narrow-focus, Spotify didn't need AWS's vast array of services, at least not for optimizing this core function. They wanted the best SQL search engine. According to a benchmark comparison of SQL queries of 100 GB by Fivetran, GCP's BigQuery did 8.10s, compared to 19.54s on AWS RedShift.

Who is bigger AWS or Azure? ›

Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure are the big boys of the cloud computing world, even though AWS is much bigger than Azure. How much bigger? Well, AWS's server capacity is about 6 times larger than the next 12 competitors combined.

Is Azure better than Google cloud? ›

Google Cloud is quite popular among startups as it offers various discounts for cloud users. Google Cloud is better for you if pricing is a significant aspect. Azure offers immense flexibility, and AWS has the edge over the others with its massive global footprint.

Is Azure growing faster than AWS? ›

He noted that Azure has been faster than AWS to reach major revenue run-rate milestones —faster to $500 million, to $1 billion, to $5 billion, and so on.

How good is Microsoft Azure? ›

A good and cost effective cloud platform

Microsoft Azure is one of the secure and scalable public cloud platforms. This comes with a package of amazing business services which are really very useful for us to run the web as well as a mobile application.

Does iCloud use AWS or Azure? ›

– Apple spends way more on Amazon's cloud than any other company. Starting right back in 2011, iCloud has been based on AWS and Azure. This was acknowledged by Apple in 2014 as well.

Does Azure have iCloud? ›

iCloud is believed to be running on the full Azure service – the Windows Azure compute and controller part and SQL Azure storage which hosts tables, queues and flat files.

Why do companies use Microsoft Azure? ›

Azure is a great fit for organization of all sizes and all industries, and makes starting with cloud computing easy. It is a highly flexible platform that offers many different programming languages, tools and frameworks provided by both Microsoft and third parties.

How many businesses use Microsoft Azure? ›

The Microsoft Cloud opportunity is stronger than ever with over 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Azure, over 145 million daily active users on Microsoft Teams, and over 250,000 organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to run and transform their businesses—partners are realizing ...

Does Apple use Azure? ›

Apple has been using Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's S3 to store encrypted portions of some iOS files for the past few years. But Apple is now using Google Cloud for some storage needs.

Why do companies use Azure? ›

Why? Because Microsoft Azure services offer high grade security, scalability and innovation. What's more, it enables a smooth move to the cloud by adhering to important data FCA regulations, making it the perfect match for any financial firm or other sensitive business.


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