Upcoming opportunities to contract with WA Government (2022)

Western PowerStandalone power systems: the provision of lithium-ion solutions and investigation of alternative technologies, serving end of grid solutionsGreat SouthernQuarter 1, 20225 yearsRegistration of interestWestern PowerNetwork support services contract: the provision civil works to support internal crews. Scope includes trenching, directional drilling, concrete foundations, and earthworksVariousQuarter 1, 20235 yearsRegistration of interestWestern PowerFacilities management services: the provision of FM works across Western Power network including metropolitan and regional depots/offices. Scope includes services such as electrical, fire, HVAC, general maintenance, and hydraulicsVariousQuarter 1, 20245 year termTenderWestern PowerDistribution and transmission maintenance services. Provision of distribution and transmission overhead maintenance including a combination of pole replacements, reconductoring, crossarm and crossbeam replacements, defects and repairs, and transmission line spray washing and siliconing servicesVariousQuarter 1, 20253 year termRegistration of interestSouthern Ports AuthorityBerth 3 pile repairsBunbury2020-21One-off purchasesQuoteSouthern Ports AuthorityShed 5 maintenance repairsBunbury2020-21One-off purchasesTenderSouthern Ports AuthorityDemolition worksEsperance2020-21One-off purchasesTenderSouthern Ports AuthorityBerth 8 conveyor guarding upgradesBunbury2020-21One-off purchasesTenderSouthern Ports AuthorityBreakwater sparesEsperance2020-21One-off purchasesTenderDepartment of CommunitiesConstruct of new builds (demolition, preliminaries, earthworks, siteworks, concrete, structural steelworks, metalworks, brickworks/blockworks, carpentry, joinery and cabinet works, hardware, roofing, drainage and plumbing, electrical, mechanical, plasterwork, tiling and flooring, glasswork, paintwork, landscaping)Various2021-227-12 monthsDirect engagementDepartment of CommunitiesVarious SHERP refurbishment construction projects and maintenance worksAll regionsOngoing3-12 monthsQuote/tenderSouthern Ports AuthorityBerth 1 pile and beam maintenanceEsperance2020-21One-off purchasesTenderDepartment of EducationSupply of desktop computers, notebooks, laptops and iPadsAll regionsOngoingOne-off purchasesQuote/tenderDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageDemolition servicesAll regionsOngoingOne-off purchasesQuoteDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageAd-hoc residential maintenance servicesPerthOngoingOne-off purchasesQuoteDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services Mirrabooka Family CentrePerthQuarter 1, 20225 yearsQuote/tenderDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services Keith Maine Centre WhitemanPerthQuarter 1, 20225 yearsQuote/tenderDepartment of CommunitiesPanel arrangement for adoption and foster care assessmentsAll regionsQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services to CPFS premises in NorthamWheatbeltQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of EducationReview of maintenance service programs delivered by the Department of Finance to the Department of Education's Infrastructure PortfolioPerthQuarter 1, 2022One-off purchasesTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesDevelopment of an Aboriginal cultural competency learning frameworkPerthQuarter 1, 2022One-off purchasesQuoteEast Metropolitan Health ServicesDevelopment of a community engagement and partnership framework and toolkitPerthQuarter 1, 2023One-off purchasesQuoteDepartment of CommunitiesConstruction of an Aboriginal short stay facility in Kununurra (carpentry, electrical, HVAC, general labour, metalwork, masonry, earth moving, plumbing, cultural awareness services)KimberleyQuarter 1, 202218 monthsDirect engagementDepartment of CommunitiesRefurbishment works (demolition works, site works, joinery and cabinetry, metalwork, roof carpentry, plumbing and tiling, plumbing works, electrical works, blockwork, plastering, glazier, painting, tiling, floor covering, fencing, brickwork and concrete and cleaning services)VariousQuarter 1, 20226 monthsDirect engagementDepartment of EducationSupply, delivery, installation and maintenance of audio visual equipment and data projectors and interactive whiteboardsAll regionsQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of EducationMowing and turf-related services to public schools in the north and south metropolitan education regionsPerthQuarter 1, 20228 yearsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesDevelopment of a co-design framework when collaborating with Aboriginal stakeholdersPerthQuarter 3, 2023One-off purchasesQuoteDepartment of EducationEvaluation of Child and Parent Centres in Western Australia: the impact of programs and services on families; and longer term outcomes for childrenPerthQuarter 4, 2021One-off purchasesTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardConcreate beams, Guildford, Fremantle, Karrakatta and RRMPPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardHard landscaping, Guildford, Fremantle, Karrakatta and RRMPPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardConstruct of roads, paths and parking all sitesPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardSolar power installations all sitesPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardPlanting trees and purchasePerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteEast Metropolitan Health ServicesSecurity servicesPerthQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesCleaning services for Community Mental HealthPerthQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderFremantle Port AuthorityMachinery hire services for outer harbour bulk businessPerthQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderFremantle Port AuthorityVehicle fleet maintenancePerthQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderLandgateSoftware: contract centre platform upgradePerthQuarter 1, 20221 yearTenderLandgateSoftware: provision of an ideas management systemPerthQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderLandgateHuman resource services: career transition servicesPerthQuarter 1, 20222 yearsQuote/tenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardSupply soils and mulch et ceteraPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardTools purchasePerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteLotterywestOffice cleaning servicesPerthQuarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardSignage makeupPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardIrrigation general maintenance and installations all sitesPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardAs and when required excavation works all sitesPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardFire breaks all sitesPerthUnknownOne-off purchasesQuoteSouth Metropolitan Health ServiceMinor works and servicesPerthOngoingOngoingDirect engagementFremantle Port AuthorityMaintenance navigational aidsPerthQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderGESBPrint servicesAll regionsQuarter 1, 20221 yearsQuoteSynergyHome solar and battery installersAll regionsQuarter 1, 20221 yearPanel contractSynergyElectric vehicle charging stationsAll regionsQuarter 1, 20221 yearPanel contractSynergyLeadership and development panelAll regionsQuarter 1, 20223 yearsPanel contractSynergyLabour hire panelAll regionsQuarter 1, 20223 yearsPanel contractSynergyConsultancy panelAll regionsQuarter 1, 20223 yearsPanel contractSynergyCounselling/community services providers (NGO sector)All regionsQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderSynergyExperiential events/events management/productionAll regionsQuarter 1, 20223 yearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Hakea PrisonPerthQuarter 1, 20235 yearsTenderDepartment of EducationSecurity services to nominated public schools in Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne and WickhamPilbaraQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardFire maintenance all sitesPerthQuarter 1, 20235 yearsQuoteDepartment of EducationSecurity services to nominated public schools in the Narrogin areaWheatbeltQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of EducationSecurity services to nominated public schools in the Geraldton areaMid WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of EducationSecurity services for nominated public schools in the Katanning areaGreat SouthernQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderLotterywestTravel servicesPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderLotterywestFire servicesPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderWA Police ForceMental health awareness and traumatic incident trainingPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownRFQWA Police ForceCleaning services at 99 Plain Street, East PerthPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownRFQWA Police ForceSupply, installation and maintenance of body scanning equipmentPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderWA Police ForceState-wide auctioneering services for disposal of unclaimed and forfeited motor vehiclesAll regionsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderGESBFleet rental and managementAll regionsQuarter 1, 20235 yearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Albany Regional PrisonGreat SouthernQuarter 1, 20245 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Youth Justice Services Midwest GascoyneGascoyneQuarter 1, 20245 yearsRFQLandgateHardware: hardware and peripheralsPerthQuarter 1, 20244 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardGround maintenance at RRMPPerthQuarter 1, 20255 yearsTenderDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsDieback hygiene mappingBlackwoodQuarter 1,2,3 2021AnnualQuoteWA Police ForceCleaning services for Karratha Police Station, Karratha Airport and intensified cleaningAll regionsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationCustomer relationship management softwarePerthQuarter 1-2 20225 yearsUnknownDepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationTrainer developer support servicesPerthQuarter 1-2, 20235 yearsCUADepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationForeign translations for westernaustralia.comPerthQuarter 1-2, 20245 yearsTenderWestern PowerSpill response and environmental remediation services: the provision of environmental spill response services including environmental remediation works in the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN)VariousQuarter 2 20225 year termRegistration of interestWestern PowerTelecommunications services: provision of telecommunication services including rigging, telecommunication equipment installation and mobile radio servicing, repair, installation and inspection servicesVariousQuarter 2 20225 year termTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardProvision of annual customer satisfaction survey all sitesPerthQuarter 2, 20215 yearsQuoteDepartment of EducationCleaning services at Halls Creek District High SchoolEast KimberleyQuarter 1, 2022UnknownTenderWA Police ForceCollection of biological samplesPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownRFQWA Police ForcePrint processing and handling services for forms and infringementsPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownRFQWA Police ForceSupply and delivery of videoscope/borescope systemPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownRFQWA Police Force24-hour remote alarm monitoring services and alarm communication technology at specified Western Australia Police Force sitesPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownTenderWA Police ForceStrategic marketing and corporate communications, creative advertising and related servicesPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownTenderWA Police ForcePanel for the supply and delivery of trailersPerthQuarter 1, 2023UnknownTenderWA Police ForceCorporate wellbeing servicesAll regionsQuarter 1, 2023UnknownRFQWA Police ForceSupply, delivery and installation of gymnasium equipmentAll regionsQuarter 1, 2023UnknownTenderWA Police ForceTranscription servicesAll regionsQuarter 1, 2023UnknownTenderWater CorporationConstruction of a new DN500 MSCL main, approximately 2.5 kilometres in length, will connect from existing DN315 PE water main (Gnangara Road) to a nominal termination on Park Street, west of Partridge StreetPerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationConstruction of a new DN600 MSCL main, approximately 1.6 kilometres in length, will extend from the existing DN600 MSCL water main (north of Russell Road) to a nominal termination south of Frankland AvenuePerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationTo increase the capacity of the Gordon Road Wastewater Treatment PlantPerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationNew pressure main, additional overflow storage pipes and pump station M&E upgradePerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationVoltage mitigation study for trunk mains parallel to above ground power linesPerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesAssessors for secure care and residential facilitiesAll regionsQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderWater CorporationBaldivis South Main PS Type 350 160L/sPerthQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesOngoing medical support for Kath French Care CentrePerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsUnknownDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Adult Corrections Community Justice, Moore Street, PerthPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsRFQEast Metropolitan Health ServicesCulturally appropriate patient transport servicesPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderLandgateComputer services: INPHO software maintenance supportPerthQuarter 2, 20224 yearsRFQLandgateAudio visual equipment requirementsPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsRFQLandgatePhotographic services: Capture WAPerthQuarter 2, 20226 yearsTenderLandgateElectrical equipment and components supplies: ring main unit replacementPerthQuarter 2, 20221 yearQuote/TenderLotterywestStationeryPerthQuarter 2, 20223 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardMaintenance water filtrations and coolers all sitesPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsQuoteNorth Metropolitan TAFEPrinting servicesPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderNorth Metropolitan TAFESecurity services for all North Metropolitan TAFE campusesPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderWater CorporationUpgrade of the BNWWTP mechanical and electrical infrastructure to cater to the increase in capacity from 3.7MLD to 7MLDNorth WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationConstruction of a new Type 10 Pump Station (PS#9) at the BSWWTP site and approximately 665m of DN180,330m of DN250 and 310m of DN225 and DN250 PE100 gravity sewer mains (GSM) from PS#9 to the sewer PS#2 catchmentNorth WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationWaroona WWTP UpgradeSouth WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationConstruct a new 1.4ha lined evaporation pond at Coral Bay WWTPMid WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationMillstream Dam Bypass Post AAPSouth WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationRenewal of reticulation assets at various locations in the South West and Great Southern regions.GoldfieldsQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationNortham Suburban Road PS Emergency StorageGoldfieldsQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationBoyanup Armstrong Street tank wall reductionSouth WestQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWater CorporationNortham Shire reuse improvementsWheatbeltQuarter 4, 2021UnknownUnknownWA Police ForceCOVID-19 aircraft cleaning servicesPerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceSocial media synchronisation applicationPerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceSecurity centre softwarePerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceAviation Consultancy Services PanelPerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderGESBIT security management servicesAll regionsQuarter 2, 20221 yearTenderSynergyBilling and Print ServicesAll regionsQuarter 2, 20223 yearsTenderSynergyDebt collection servicesAll regionsQuarter 2, 20223 yearsTenderDepartment of CommunitiesSupply and despatch of Working with Children Cards and lettersPerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of CommunitiesNursing staff for the Department for Child Protection and Family Support - Kath French Secure Care CentrePerthQuarter 2, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Derby Magistrates CourtKimberleyQuarter 2, 20235 yearsRFQEast Metropolitan Health ServicesPest control servicesPerthQuarter 2, 20235 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceCanine training frameworkPerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceImmersive Learning Capability Solution (ILS)PerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of photographic devices and associated equipmentPerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and deliver business cardsAll regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceEvaluation of WA Police Force Patron Banning OperationsAll regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceStatewide first aid/life support trainingAll regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of handheld Raman spectroscopy narcotics analyser devicesAll regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of preliminary breath instrument mouthpiecesAll regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceIndependent medical consultant (psychiatrist)All regionsQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderLotterywestFleet servicingPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceCleaning and removal of chemicals from crime scenesPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceMedical claim systemPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Adult Community Corrections AlbanyGreat SouthernQuarter 2, 20245 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Albany Magistrates CourtGreat SouthernQuarter 2, 20245 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Roebourne Community Corrections OfficesPilbaraQuarter 2, 20245 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Kalgoorlie Magistrates CourtGoldfieldsQuarter 2, 20245 YearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention CentrePerthQuarter 2, 20245 yearsTenderLandgateEmployee assistance program servicesPerthQuarter 2, 20243 yearsRFQLandgateComputer services: Capture WAPerthQuarter 2, 20244 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardTree pruning, removal, stump grinding all sitesPerthQuarter 2, 20245 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardPanel Low Value – advisory and compliant, mechanical services, electrical and associated services and construction facilities managements all sitesPerthQuarter 2, 20245 yearsTenderDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsCasual fire towermanBlackwoodQuarter 2, 3, 2021AnnualTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning Services for Mid West Development CommissionGascoyneQuarter 2-3, 2022Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentSite security patrols and alarm response for Bunbury officeSouth WestQuarter 2-3, 2023Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning services for the Kimberley Development CommissionKimberleyQuarter 2-3, 2024Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentWeekend vehicle cleaning at South PerthPerthQuarter 2-3, 2025Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning Services for Kimberley Development Commission officeKimberleyQuarter 2-3, 2026Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning Services for Narrogin officeWheatbeltQuarter 2-3, 2027Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationVarious ICT servicesPerthQuarter 3, 2020 to Quarter 3, 20225 yearsQuoteWA PoliceForceInstallation with maintenance and support of a video wallPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsCasual fire towermanWellingtonQuarter 3, 2021AnnualTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services West Kimberley PrisonKimberleyQuarter 3, 20215 yearsTenderDepartment of Mines, Industry Regulations and SafetyCleaning servicesCollieQuarter 3, 20214 YearsQuoteDepartment of Mines, Industry Regulations and SafetyPre-employment medical assessmentsPerthQuarter 3, 20213 YearsQuoteDepartment of Mines, Industry Regulations and SafetyFire services maintenance (preventative maintenance)PerthQuarter 3, 20213 YearsTenderDepartment of Mines, Industry Regulations and SafetyElectricity and gas engineering servicesPerthQuarter 3, 20215 YearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning services for Exmouth District officeExmouthQuarter 3, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentState barrier fence extension, weed and disease/dieback management/botanistEsperanceQuarter 3, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning services for Hillarys officePerthQuarter 3, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderLotterywestLotterywest AC preventative maintenancePerthQuarter 3, 20213 yearsQuoteWA PoliceForceIntegrated support and maintenance of core infrastructure systemsPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceForms management servicePerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceConsultancy service for Police exhibition at Perth Royal ShowPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceManagement and supply of corporate uniforms, off-the-shelf apparelPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceAgile coaching servicesPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForcePreliminary oral fluid screening test kitsAll regionsQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceProcurement of camcorders - agency-wideAll regionsQuarter 2, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of solar power technologyPerthQuarter 2, 2023UnknownWater CorporationService tank roof replacement, chlorine analyser, flowmeter and SCADAGreat SouthernQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationRemoval of building and replacement of top slab, line internal walls of pump station, replacement of electrical mechanical components of the existing dry well pump station at Clarkes Street, NorthamGreat SouthernQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationReplacement of existing HV Switchgear Installation, including LV busbarPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationReplacement of obsolete electrical switchboardsPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationTwo Rocks GW chlorination upgradePerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationMetro water pump stations solarPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationConstruction of 4.4km of DN450 Wastewater Pressure Main and 1.15 kilmetres of DN560/DN900 Gravity Sewer. Mechanical and electrical upgrade to Jandakot Clementine Boulevard PS and construction of discharge towerPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationNew Type 90 Sewer Pump Station to replace existing, short section of Sewer Pressure Main to divert discharge into Armagh Main. Decommission existing pump station site following performance proving of new Derek Upton Type 90 SPSPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationKings Park DN1200 CBD outlet replacementPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationPerth CBD Terrace Road 915CI pipe renewalPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationIncrease capacity of the SDOOL transition tower to avoid overflows to the environment by building a new Derek Upton 24.5 metre high transition tower and its associated pipeworksPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationESD Install ‐ Metro CL GasPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationDesign and install BTM solar system at multiple wastewater treatment plant sitesPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationDesign and install BTM solar system contract at various water treatment sitesPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationInstall 2430m of MSCL Distribution Pipes DN400/300/250PerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationEllenbrook DN700 The BroadwayPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentSecurity patrol and alarm monitoring servicesGreat SouthernQuarter 3, 2022Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Armadale Magistrates CourtPerthQuarter 3, 20225 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Casuarina PrisonPerthQuarter 3, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentSupply and delivery of livestock fodderWheatbeltQuarter 3, 2022Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Training and Workforce DevelopmentStudent satisfaction survey of vocational education and training students in Western Australia (annual)All regionsQuarter 3, 20222 years + extension optionsTenderDepartment of Training and Workforce DevelopmentCleaning and housekeeping services at Muresk InstituteWheatbeltQuarter 3, 20223 years + extension optionsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesMeasuring and ongoing monitoring of Aboriginal cultural competency across the organisationPerthQuarter 3, 20223 yearsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesSwimming pool maintenance servicesPerthQuarter 3, 20223 years - 5 yearsTenderLotterywestWellness Program (mental health program, flu shots, mole scan, et cetera)PerthQuarter 3, 20223 yearsQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardGully inspection, cleaning, reporting all MCB sitesPerthQuarter 3, 20225 yearsQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardCorporate and outside off the shelf uniforms all sitesPerthQuarter 3, 20225 yearsQuoteWater CorporationBridgetown WWTP 2 aeration upgrade - install new filter and bypass clarifierSouth WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationManjimup 9ML tank roof replaceSouth WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationUpgrade of pond system WWTP at Mowanjum Aboriginal CommunityNorth WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationAlkimos WWTP 26 MLD UpgradeMid WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationReplace 150S water main 2 to 3 kilometres west of WTPGoldfieldsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationBroome Shire non-potable irrigationNorth WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationDongara Pt Leander Dr M&E Upgrade and PMMid WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWater CorporationHedland Lot 2519 Tank 3 refurbishmentNorth WestQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownWA PoliceForceCorporate aerial photography imageryPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceWAPOLTIDE05820 Intensified cleaning for Cockburn, Jandakot and KwinanaPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceSupply of emergency bushfire survival kitsAll regionsQuarter 3, 2022UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceMaintenance and support of citizen-facing services on WA PoliceForce telephonyPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceCrime prevention education in schools (Constable Care)PerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderGESBBuilding maintenance/office configurationAll regionsQuarter 3, 20221 yearTenderGESBServices for the implementation of the GESB Reconciliation Action PlanAll regionsQuarter 3, 20222 years + extension optionsTenderGESBMarket research servicesAll regionsQuarter 3, 20223 yearsTenderGESBCopywriting servicesAll regionsQuarter 3, 20221 yearUnknownEast Metropolitan Health ServicesSupply of wheelchairs (electric and manual), postural seating components, accessories and maintenancePerthQuarter 3, 20225 yearsTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Adult Community Corrections and Youth Justice Services KarrathaPilbaraQuarter 3, 20235 yearsRFQWA PoliceForceSupport and maintenance services for live scan fingerprint scanning unitsPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceVeterinary services to Canine OperationsPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceHire - lease of metropolitan track facility for WA Police Force driver trainingPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceProcurement of mobile oral fluid drug testing kits and devicesPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceCatering for leaversPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of evidentiary breath analyser mouthpiecesPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceAutomated Number Plate Recognition GatewayPerthQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Broome Magistrates CourtKimberleyQuarter 3, 20245 yearsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesWindow Cleaning Services (Royal Perth Hospital and Bentley)PerthQuarter 3, 20243 years - 5 yearsQuoteEast Metropolitan Health ServicesHot beverage vending machines for staff areasPerthQuarter 3, 20243 years - 5 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardGrounds maintenance services at FremantlePerthQuarter 3, 20245 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardGardening tasks and maintenance services at KarrakattaPerthQuarter 3, 20245 yearsTenderMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardProvision of security services all sitesPerthQuarter 3, 20245 yearsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesCoffee products, including commercial coffee machinesPerthQuarter 3, 20253 years - 5 yearsTenderDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20215 yearsQuote/TenderDepartment of EducationPost school destination surveyPerthQuarter 4, 20212 yearsTenderDepartment of EducationPortfolio project management servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20215 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceWarehousing, supply and delivery of forensic consumables for WA PoliceForceAll regionsQuarter 3, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentVessel and crew charter greater than10 metres live aboard vessels to conduct nearshore fish samplingKimberleyQuarter 4, 20212 yearsTenderDepartment of Mines, Industry Regulations and SafetyBuilding and energy engineering servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20215 YearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentGeneral gardening services at Kununurra officeKununurraQuarter 4, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentGeneral gardening services at Esperance officeEsperanceQuarter 4, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentCleaning services for Merredin officeMerredinQuarter 4, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional DevelopmentTransportation services of quarantine risk materialsPerthQuarter 4, 2021Up to 5 yearsTenderFremantle Port AuthorityFP response refitPerthQuarter 4, 20213 yearsTenderFremantle Port AuthoritySupply and delivery of hired plant, equipment and machineryPerthQuarter 4, 20213 yearsTenderLandgateManufacturing technologies: design for website developmentPerthQuarter 4, 20211 yearQuote/TenderLotterywestRisk and business continuity servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20213 yearsQuoteMetropolitan Cemeteries BoardProvision of broad acre mowing and lawn maintenance at PinnarooPerthQuarter 4, 20215 yearsQuoteDepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationBrand tracking researchPerthQuarter 4, 20214 yearsTenderDepartment of EducationSocial media monitoring platformAll regionsQuarter 4, 2021 - Quarter 1 20225 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceRadar testing and measurement equipmentPerthQuarter 3, 2023UnknownRFQDepartment of Jobs, Tourism, Science and InnovationDefence West: custom stand design, build, storage and transportPerthQuarter 4, 2021 - Quarter 1, 20225 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceKeep It Safe Summer School Leavers ProgramSouth WestQuarter 3, 2023UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceAnti-malware solutions for desktop and server environmentsPerthQuarter 3, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceCleaning of major facilities (OSF, PPC and Maylands)PerthQuarter 3, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of Omnitronics equipmentPerthQuarter 3, 2023UnknownWA PoliceForceSchool Leavers Entertainment ZoneSouth WestQuarter 3, 2023UnknownTenderWater CorporationExcavate a portion of the dam wall to foundation level to ensure it cannot store water. Alterations to culverts under the Ravensthorpe‐Hopetoun Highway. Decommission and removal of assets.Great SouthernQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Youth Justice Services KalgoorlieGoldfieldsQuarter 4, 20225 yearsRFQWater CorporationConstruction of a SPS with associated works, pipeline and access chambers, and a buried 250 millimetre wastewater pipeline approximately 2.2 kilometres longMid WestQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownLandgateResearch and advisory servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20222 yearsRFQLandgateSoftware: transaction usage charges - EquifaxPerthQuarter 4, 20223 yearsRFQLandgateSoftware: Property Data subscriptionPerthQuarter 4, 20224 yearsRFQLandgateSoftware: VPA bulk data listingPerthQuarter 4, 20224 yearsRFQLandgateComputer Services: Ymware Support and MaintenancePerthQuarter 4, 20223 yearsTenderWater CorporationConstruction of Collie Allanson 3ML Storage and Mungalup DamSouth westQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownWater CorporationBore MDW4 refurbishment for Onslow Treatment PlantNorth westQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownWater CorporationWTP Transfer Pipeline for Onslow Treatment PlantNorth westQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownWater CorporationDesign and construct a new 15ML concrete tank and packed towers at the Allanooka summit tank siteMid WestQuarter 4, 2021/22UnknownUnknownDepartment of Training and Workforce DevelopmentGroup training organisations (registrations)All regionsQuarter 4, 2022UnknownRestricted TenderWA PoliceForceSupply and delivery of Heartstart First Aid Defibrillators, oxygen resuscitators and handheld resuscitatorsPerthQuarter 4, 2022UnknownRFQDepartment of Training and Workforce DevelopmentRegistered Training Organisation Panel arrangementAll regionsQuarter 4, 20231 year plus extension optionsTenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesAsbestos auditing for EMHS sitesPerthQuarter 4, 20233 yearsQuoteLandgateComputer services: integrated application and infrastructure services managementPerthQuarter 4, 20235 yearsTenderLandgateComputer services: open data software, maintenance and supportPerthQuarter 4, 20233 yearsQuote/TenderWA PoliceForceFollowMe PrintPerthQuarter 4, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceAssembly, storage and supply of DNA sample test kitsPerthQuarter 4, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSupply of mobile device downloading tool with maintenance and supportPerthQuarter 4, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceFirst Aid kits and consumablesPerthQuarter 4, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceAssemble, store and supply blood sampling kits and supply transport packagesAll regionsQuarter 4, 2022UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceOnline engagement platformPerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceLaw enforcement aviation flight task recording and management softwarePerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownRFQWA PoliceForceVehicle impound solution hosting, support and maintenancePerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownTenderDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Broome Magistrates CourtKimberleyQuarter 4, 20245 yearsRFQDepartment of JusticeCleaning services Youth Justice Services and Adult Community Corrections BroomeKimberleyQuarter 4, 20245 yearsTenderLandgateSpecialized educational services: cultural servicesPerthQuarter 4, 20241 yearQuote/TenderSouth Metropolitan Health ServiceSecurity guard services/patrols panelPerthQuarter 4, 20245 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceActors for scenario based trainingPerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceRoad Safety Commission - Modelling for State Road StrategyPerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownTenderDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsProvision of aerial baiting services for Western Shield and related programsGeraldtonUnknown5 yearsTenderWA PoliceForceSupply and maintenance of data centre racks/cabinets and associated consumable products and servicesPerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownTenderWA PoliceForceSuite of leadership development programsPerthQuarter 4, 2023UnknownWA PoliceForceSupply of semi-automatic pistols and associated accessories and spare parts for the WA Police ForceAll regionsQuarter 4, 2023UnknownTenderDepartment of CommunitiesSupply of a housing management system and associated servicesPerthUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesElectronic Learning Management SystemPerthUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesHousing management services to remote Indigenous communities in the PilbaraPilbaraUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesHousing management services to remote Indigenous communitiesVariousUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of FinanceTechnical devices (for example, laptops) on requirement basisVariousUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of FinanceAd-hoc technical resources (Cloud analyst, cyber security, technical analyst)VariousUnknownUnknownUnknownLotterywestBusiness cards with BraillePerthUnknownUnknownTenderPublic Sector CommissionStationaryPerthVariousUnknownLimited sourcingPublic Sector CommissionTechnological equipmentPerthVariousUnknownLimited sourcingDepartment of CommunitiesProvision of a commercial card agreement to supply prepaid cards (or similar) solutionAll regionsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services for Maritana House, Kalgoorlie office buildingGoldfieldsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services for Housing Authority, Wellington Street, PerthPerthQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownDepartment of FinanceCultural awareness trainingAll regionsQuarter 1, 2022UnknownUnknownDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsTraffic managementBlackwoodQuarter 1,2,3, 2021UnknownQuoteDepartment of CommunitiesCleaning services Beechborro Residential HomePerthQuarter 2, 2022UnknownTenderDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation and AttractionsHeavy plant and equipment for fire suppressionBlackwoodQuarter 3, 2021UnknownQuoteDepartment of CommunitiesAsset management, projects and contracts solution as Software as a Service (SaaS)PerthUnknownUnknownUnknownDepartment of FinanceBusiness capabilities trainingVariousUnknownUnknownUnknownGESBGraphic designers/communications consultingAll regionsUnknownVariousTenderGESBStrategy workshop facilitationAll regionsUnknownVariousTenderCorruption and Crime CommissionOffice equipment and accessories and suppliesPerthVariousVariousQuoteCorruption and Crime Commission

Advisory services (risk management, IT assessments, project management)

Note: risk management contract expires in 2022

(Video) WA Government Ad For Subnarine Maitinence Contract For WA 26 Nov 2020

PerthVariousVariousQuoteCorruption and Crime Commission

Financial and insurance services (internal audit, employee wellbeing services)

Note: internal audit services expected to be advertised in 2020

(Video) The new rules for WA

Wellbeing services expiring in 2024

PerthVariousVariousQuoteCorruption and Crime CommissionMarketing design and services (graphic design, media liaison and media monitoring)PerthVariousVariousQuoteCorruption and Crime CommissionEducation and training services (vocational and leadership training)PerthVariousVariousQuoteCorruption and Crime Commission

Security and cleaning services

(Video) Complete Guide on Australia Business & Investment Migration Program with WA Government

Note: security contract advertised recently

PerthVariousVariousQuote/TenderCorruption and Crime Commission

Technology services (system reviews, intranet development, support and maintenance, computer storage, network support, transcription services and Cloud services)

(Video) Fourth of July Government Contract Bid Opportunities

Note: transcription contract expires in 2022

PerthVariousVariousQuote/TenderCorruption and Crime CommissionInformation technology products (hardware and software) (financial system, payroll system, records management, firewalls et cetera)PerthVariousVariousQuote/TenderEast Metropolitan Health ServicesCatering services for various events (NAIDOC et cetera)PerthVariousVariousQuoteNorth Metropolitan TAFESupply of groceries to the Hospitality branchPerthVarious1 yearDirect engagementNorth Metropolitan TAFEOffice stationaryPerthVarious1 yearDirect engagementNorth Metropolitan TAFEProvision of temporary personnelPerthVarious1 yearDirect engagementEast Metropolitan Health ServicesEmployee mediation servicesPerthVariousVariousQuoteEast Metropolitan Health ServicesAboriginal design and multimedia servicesPerthVariousVariousQuoteDepartment of EducationMowing and turf-related services to nominated public schools regional areasVariousQuarter 4, 2021 - Quarter 1 2022VariousTenderWA Country Health ServiceCleaning servicesVariousVariousVariousQuoteWA Country Health ServiceGardening servicesVariousVariousVariousQuote/TenderWA Country Health ServiceMaintenance and servicingVariousVariousVariousQuote/TenderWA Country Health ServiceSecurity services/monitoringVariousVariousVariousQuote/TenderGESBIn-house and online staff training and recruitment servicesAll regionsVarious1 yearTender


How do I get a government contract in Australia? ›

1. Learn about government opportunities
  1. register to be notified of business opportunities that match your business profile.
  2. download tender documents.
  3. lodge a tender response.
  4. find details about successful tenderers and existing contracts.
Sep 8, 2021

How do local governments get contracts? ›

Contact your state procurement or contracting office. These non-profit offices can help you access professional development resources, develop innovative strategies, and more. Reach out to county, city, and town governments to learn about local contracting opportunities.

How do I get a government contract in South Africa? ›

How can I find the right Tenders and make sure my Tender application are complete:
  1. Step 1: Find Government Tenders relevant to your business. ...
  2. Step 2: Ensure your business can complete the job. ...
  3. Step 3: Register on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) ...
  4. Step 4: Get the required Company Documentation in order.

How do I register for tenders WA? ›

Register your business as a supplier on Tenders WA
  1. download electronic tender documents.
  2. submit electronic tender responses.
  3. request hardcopy documents to be posted, faxed or prepared for collection.
  4. receive automated notifications of changes to requests, such as addenda information.

What are the most common government contracts? ›

What are the most common government contracts?
  • Fixed-price contracts. ...
  • Cost-reimbursement contracts. ...
  • Incentive Contracts. ...
  • Indefinite-Delivery Contracts. ...
  • Time-and-Materials, Labor-Hour, and Letter Contracts. ...
  • Set aside contracts for small businesses. ...
  • Joint ventures.
Apr 29, 2022

Are government contracts profitable? ›

Having big competition from small businesses and companies, we can conclude that the government contracting industry is profitable.

What are the easiest government contracts to get? ›

What are the easiest government contracts to win?
  • Service contracts. A service contract is a non-manufactured product. ...
  • Information technology contracts. As technology has developed and changed, so have the IT needs of the U.S. government. ...
  • Medical Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Biologics.
Apr 26, 2022

Where can I find state and local government contracts? ›

Find RFP is the source for state and local government contracts and bids across America. Find RFP works directly with the state and local government agencies by publishing state and local bids contracts for these agencies.

How do you get big contracts? ›

Based on our experience, here are six ways you can jump-start your credibility.
  1. Pay Attention to Branding. ...
  2. Partner With Established Businesses. ...
  3. Pitch Prospective Clients Like an Expert. ...
  4. Focus on Getting Quality Testimonials. ...
  5. Use Trust Signals. ...
  6. Maintain a Great Digital Reputation.
Sep 1, 2015

Can government employees bid on government contracts? ›

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) prohibits an agency from knowingly awarding a contract to a federal employee or a firm owned or controlled by a federal employee unless exceptions are applicable.

How do you learn tender process? ›

The tendering process in construction includes the following stages:
  1. Pre-tender Stage.
  2. Tender Advertisement Stage.
  3. Closing of Tender.
  4. Tender Opening Process.
  5. Tender Evaluation Process.
  6. Tender Award.

Where are government tenders advertised? ›

It depends on the type of tender, but most tenders are at least advertised in a local newspaper. If it is a large tender it will most probably be advertised in more than one newspaper and it will also be advertised in a newspaper that is distributed nationally.

What is a meaning of tender? ›

1 : an unconditional offer of money or service in satisfaction of a debt or obligation made to save a penalty or forfeiture for nonpayment or nonperformance. 2 : an offer or proposal made for acceptance: such as. a : an offer of a bid for a contract. b : tender offer.

What is tender explain? ›

A tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

What type of government contracts can I get? ›

Federal government contracts are commonly divided into two main types, fixed-price and cost-reimbursement. Other contract types include incentive contracts, time-and-materials, labor-hour contracts, indefinite-delivery contracts, and letter contracts.

What are the five major categories of government contracting? ›

  • Fixed-Price Contracts. The pricing of this group of government contracts will not change. ...
  • Time & Materials Contracts. This one is quite straightforward. ...
  • Cost-Reimbursement Contracts. ...
  • Incentive Contracts. ...
  • Indefinite Delivery & Quantity Contracts.
Oct 26, 2021

Is it hard to get government contracts? ›

Because it's not easy, and most business owners don't understand the process to win government contracts. For starters, the government requires small business owners to go through a rigid qualification process. But, once you qualify, you'll be eligible to take a piece of the billion dollar pie.

Why do government contractors make so much money? ›

The contractor company gets paid a lot more per employee than what a Fed makes. The reasoning is the government doesn't have to pay benefits for the employee. So they add it to the going rate for that type of employee. The contract company, in general, pays its employees the least that it can, maximizing their profit.

Is it better to be a federal employee or contractor? ›

It is typically said that contractor jobs pay more, the positions are easier to get and are considered to provide for a better work/life balance. By contrast, it is often argued that government jobs have more security and stability, while also providing a truer sense of “serving one's country.”

How long does it take for the government to award a contract? ›

This timeline may be as short as a few weeks, but it's more common to take three to six months. If six months have passed since the last notice in SAM.gov, they may publish another RFI or a more specific “sources sought” announcement in case new sources have emerged.

How do I start a government consulting business? ›

Register your small business for government contracting services
  1. Legally register your business name. ...
  2. Apply for your federal and state tax ID numbers. ...
  3. Request for your DUNS Number. ...
  4. Know your North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) Code. ...
  5. Confirm your business size.
Nov 29, 2021

How do you become a DOD contractor? ›

Take these steps to become a military contractor:
  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED. ...
  2. Consider earning a bachelor's degree. ...
  3. Enlist in the military or a security role. ...
  4. Create a bid that advocates your skills to the Department of Defense. ...
  5. Consider working for a private military contracting company.
Mar 22, 2021

How do you find RFP opportunities? ›

A manual search for RFPs requires practice and research, but it's the most cost-effective way to find new opportunities.
  1. Google search for government RFPs.
  2. Finding open RFPs on social media.
  3. Best RFP databases.
  4. Register as a supplier or complete a vendor profile.
  5. Examples vendor registration pages.
Sep 2, 2021

Where can I find contracts? ›

Find contracts
  • There are a number of databases you can use to find federal contracts to bid on. ...
  • The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is a database that government agencies use to find small business contractors for upcoming contracts. ...
  • Federal business opportunities for contractors are listed at SAM.gov.

How do you sell to state and local government? ›

Government procurement can be through either open market sales or contract vehicles such as a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). With a GSA Schedule you can sell to federal agencies and other eligible entities. Under certain circumstances, you can also sell to state and local governments using a GSA Schedule.

How do you bid on government defense contracts? ›

Bid on Government Contracts: Step-by-Step
  1. Find the contract opportunity that you are interested in. ...
  2. Make sure that you can provide the products or services needed. ...
  3. Read the proposal submission guidelines closely and follow them to the letter. ...
  4. Research closed bid information.

How do I get a contract job online? ›

Best for Beginners: Fiverr
  1. Upwork.
  2. 99designs.
  3. FlexJobs.
  4. Freelance Writing Gigs.
  5. Craigslist.
  6. Fiverr.
  7. Final Verdict.
  8. Compare Providers.
Jul 18, 2022

How do I get a consulting contract? ›

6 Steps to Getting Your First Consulting Contract
  1. Make a list of your areas of expertise. ...
  2. Start with targeting companies where you live. ...
  3. Get a meeting with the owner or a decision maker. ...
  4. Prove your fee is worth it to solve the problem. ...
  5. Make it legal and deliver.
Nov 2, 2015

What is the rule of two in government contracting? ›

Generally, the small business Rule of Two requires an agency to set aside contracts for small business, assuming that there are at least two small businesses with competitive prices who will bid on the contract.

Can a government employee accept a gift? ›

Generally, as a Federal employee, you may not solicit or accept a gift (1) from a "prohibited source" or (2) if given because of your official position.

Can government employees accept gifts from contractors? ›

The general rule is that Federal personnel may not accept gifts from prohibited sources, including contractors and contractor personnel.

What is the best tender website? ›

Tender Tiger is one of the best websites that not only provides tender related information from India but also from across the world. It is a one touch point if you are seriously looking to bid for projects across multiple sectors. The website provides you in-depth analysis of each and every tender that is opened.

What do you need to qualify for a tender? ›

The minimum requirements for a Start-up Business to tender.
  1. Company registration documents.
  2. Be registered on the Central Supplier Database.
  3. A tax clearance certificate: The business must be registered with SARS for Income Tax purposes:
Oct 31, 2019

Do government employees qualify for tenders? ›

On a municipal level, no employee of the state is allowed to tender for contracts whether that person is an elected official or a paid employee.

What are the 4 stages of the bidding process? ›

The necessary steps are: Bid Solicitation. Bid Submission. Bid Selection.

What is the difference between procurement and tendering? ›

Whereas procurement involves the entire process from need identification to invoice payment, tendering itself is limited to the process of going to the external market with your need specification with the intent to collect, analyze and nominate bids.

What is the difference between bidding and tendering? ›

So basically, tender is a process of procuring goods. Bidding is just a step further. It is an application to the tender and the process of getting the project. They both are interrelated but completely different.

How long should a tender be advertised? ›

Usually no less than 14 days from the date of the invitation to bid or the date of availability of bidding documents, whichever is later, should be allowed for competitive bidding.

How long does a tender process take? ›

Normally 35 calendar days, however, this can be reduced to 30 days if tender responses are submitted electronically. However, if a Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been published, the tender window can be reduced to 15 calendar days.

How do you bid for tenders? ›

Here is an overview of 10 steps you should take to prepare a competitive bid.
  1. Register your interest. ...
  2. Attend briefing sessions. ...
  3. Develop your bid response strategy. ...
  4. Review recent awarded contracts. ...
  5. Write a compelling bid. ...
  6. Understand the payment terms. ...
  7. Provide References. ...
  8. Check and submit your bid.
Oct 31, 2019

How do government tenders work? ›

Basically, a tender is an offer or invitation to bid for a project or to accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. This term usually refers to the process through which the government and financial institutions put forward invitation bids for large projects. These bids are to be submitted within a given deadline.

What are the types of tender? ›

The 4 main types of tenders are:
  • Open tender.
  • Selective tender.
  • Negotiated tender.
  • Single-stage and two-stage tender.
Mar 11, 2020

Is tender hard or soft? ›

soft or delicate in substance; not hard or tough: a tender steak. weak or delicate in constitution; not strong or hardy.

What is B2 tender? ›

Item rate tender (B2 system) •Here the contractor gets the payment depending on the rate at which he has quoted every item of the work.

What are government tenders? ›

A tender is an offer to do work or supply goods at a fixed price. When the government puts out a tender, this means that it asks the public for price offers to do work or supply goods. Once the government accepts a tender, it is binding to both the government and the winning tenderer.

How do you win a council contract? ›

Top tips for winning Council contracts
  1. Check how the tender is structured. Check how the tender is structured. ...
  2. Read all the tender documentation. ...
  3. Give quality assurance. ...
  4. Manage the contract effectively. ...
  5. Have strong policies and procedures. ...
  6. Deliver continuous improvement/innovation. ...
  7. Social Value. ...
  8. Local issues.

How do I apply for a tender? ›

How to apply for public tenders
  1. Identify a relevant opportunity.
  2. Make sure you can fulfil the requirements of the tender.
  3. Express interest to the buyer.
  4. Complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
  5. Invitation to tender (ITT) is issued.
  6. Submit full tender response.

How do you bid on a contract? ›

Steps to Contract Bidding
  1. Research and Planning. Before you can bid, you must do the due diligence. ...
  2. Prepare the Bid. ...
  3. Submit the Bid. ...
  4. Presentation. ...
  5. Being Awarded the Contract. ...
  6. Bid. ...
  7. Tender. ...
  8. Proposal.
Oct 2, 2018

What are the most common types of contracts? ›

The three most common contract types include: Fixed-price contracts. Cost-plus contracts. Time and materials contracts.

How do I bid on a federal contract? ›

Find contracts
  1. There are a number of databases you can use to find federal contracts to bid on. ...
  2. The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is a database that government agencies use to find small business contractors for upcoming contracts. ...
  3. Federal business opportunities for contractors are listed at SAM.gov.

What is the best tender website? ›

Tender Tiger is one of the best websites that not only provides tender related information from India but also from across the world. It is a one touch point if you are seriously looking to bid for projects across multiple sectors. The website provides you in-depth analysis of each and every tender that is opened.

How do government tenders work? ›

Basically, a tender is an offer or invitation to bid for a project or to accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. This term usually refers to the process through which the government and financial institutions put forward invitation bids for large projects. These bids are to be submitted within a given deadline.

Is a tender a contract? ›

In contract law, an approach to market (tender) is regarded as an "Invitation to Deal". The response is an "Offer". If you make an offer and that offer is accepted, you have an agreement and a legally enforceable contract. A tender is not in itself a contract but may result in a contract upon acceptance.


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