Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (2022)

A Student Administrative Assistant provides support to the staff and students typically in educational organizations. A well-written Student Administrative Assistant Resume indicates the following duties – completing all tasks as needed, updating records, doing necessary paperwork and data entry; maintaining filing systems; answering inquiries; providing information to students; and taking phone calls. Other duties include writing reports and correspondence; undertaking general office duties; and taking messages to deliver to recipients.

Students with the following skills fit best this role – knowledge of organizational procedures; telephone mannerism, confidentiality, decision-making skills; computer competencies, advanced level of experience with MS Office, the ability to stick to strict deadlines; and accuracy in performing repetitive tasks. Most of these assistants are enrolled students and usually come from varying educational backgrounds.

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Student Administrative Assistant Resume

Objective : To secure a position where can utilize skills and make a better opportunity, Accredited High School Diploma or equivalent required; degree from an accredited college or university preferredThree (3) years of general directly related experience, Knowledge of school district operations and administrative policies.

Skills : Communications, Event Planning, Fundraising, Microsoft Office Suite, Data Entry, Customer Service.

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Description :

    1. Provided administrative support and processed documents to complete human resources hiring actions.
    2. Explained policies and procedures to new employees.
    3. Conducted hiring process-scheduling and conducting training, explaining benefits, work hours, rights and other information for employee positions.
    4. Duties Conducted inventory on office supplies and materials retreived and distributed mail and shipments of supplies, materials, and medications.
    5. Assisted in OSHA required checks such as Fire Extinguisher and AEDs Utilized PowerPoint, Excel, and Desktop Publishing software to create job postings, informational fliers, presentations for the public and managerial staff.
    6. Reviewed and updated policies and procedures.
    7. Managed and approved department payroll for processing.

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    2-5 Years

    Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (4)



    Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (5)


    BA Social Sciences

    Student Administrative Assistant III Resume

    Objective : Obtain a position comparable to qualifications, Demonstrated ability with personal computer software applications; proficient in MS Office, Google, OracleDemonstrated ability to meet established deadlines, Demonstrated ability with personal computer software applicationsAbility to work with frequent interruptions (multi-task).

    Skills : Customer service,Sales,Microsoft Office Specialist,Detail-oriented, Flexible,Organized. Administration.

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    Description :

      1. Assisted with the completion of filings for the organization.
      2. Provided assistance as needed with research for products and services and product development.
      3. Greeted and directed office visitors, answer main office telephone system, respond to direct requests for information and/or forward messages to appropriate staff.
      4. Make sure the office is kept in orderly and clean fashion.
      5. Assisted with review of administrative procedures and development of systems to assure compliance by all staff.
      6. Maintained inventory for office supplies and computer software.
      7. Maintained master calendar of in-house meetings.

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      2-5 Years

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      Student Administrative Assistant II Resume

      Headline : Dynamic, accomplished and results driven professional with expertise in administrative assistance seeking a challenging and rewarding position to contribute to the employer's further success.

      Skills : Proficient And Trained In Microsoft Office: I.e.

      Description :

        1. Expertly assisted in the administration of various sports facilities and ongoing team management.
        2. Coordinated all phases of away games by scheduling team transportation, lodging, and meals.
        3. Tracked and itemized receipts from team travels in Excel spreadsheet.
        4. Scanned and digitally filed reports, receipts, and player reviews.
        5. Wrote, reviewed, edited, and tracked of injury and incident reports.
        6. Utilized school SharePoint to create, edit, and administer new and previous version of team files.
        7. Accurately processed vendor invoicing a weekly basis for submission to university accounting staff.

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        5-7 Years

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        Business Administration

        Student Administrative Assistant I Resume

        Objective : To obtain a rewarding position and coordinate with a team of highly experienced professionals for personal as well as professional growth.

        Skills : Microsoft Office, Career Development, Counseling, Planning, Psychological Assessment, Group Therapy, Fundraising, Advocacy.

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        Description :

          1. Answered phones; greeted guests; independently provided information.
          2. Utilized eRequest to make purchases for main office and departmental areas.
          3. Utilized departmental credit card to make purchases in compliance with University and Department policies.
          4. Completed required documentation.
          5. Utilized eRequest and Online Travel system to inquire about purchases and travel.
          6. Uploaded documentation to complete transactions.
          7. Primary supported for financial documentation.

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          2-5 Years

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          B.A. In Psychology

          Sr. Student Administrative Assistant Resume

          Summary : Pursue a career in marketing to apply creativity and people skills in a dynamic, team oriented business environment. Special interests in health, fitness, and team sports.

          Skills : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook.

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          Description :

            1. Assisted with various projects for the football coaches and staff including word-processing and clerical support.
            2. Created and disseminated various documents including presentation materials, meeting materials and recruiting materials.
            3. Maintained utmost discretion when dealing with sensitive topics.
            4. Directed employees, guests and general public to the correct staff member.
            5. Opened, sorted and distributed incoming messages and correspondence.
            6. Maintained stock room supplies, anticipating needed supplies, ordering more and verifying receipt of supplies.
            7. Handled filing, clerical, communication, and correspondence duties as assigned.

            Jr. Student Administrative Assistant Resume

            Objective : Over 5 years of work including job shadow and internships with contracts, government, military, and medical environments as an assistant to supervisors and administrators. amy more than willing to relocate.

            Skills : Administrative Assistant, Social Media, Customer Service , Typing 70 WPM, Photography, Military Personnel, Multi-Tasking, Sales, OSHA, Microsoft Office, HIPAA, Childcare, Google Docs, Receptionist, Recruiting, Travel Arrangements, Phones, Customer Relations, Inventory Clerk, People Person.

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            Description :

              1. Managed human resources hiring actions for student employees.
              2. Conducted hiring process-scheduling and conducting training, explaining benefits, work hours, rights and other information for employee positions.
              3. Entered time and attendance.
              4. Conducted inventory and purchasing for office supplies and materials retrieved and distributed incoming and outgoing mail.
              5. Utilized Microsoft Office programs to create job postings, informational fliers, presentations for the public and managerial staff.
              6. Reviewed and updated policies and procedures.
              7. Initiated administrative actions to request approval for staff payroll increases.Managed supplies and inventory.

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              2-5 Years

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              Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (25)

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              BA Social Sciences

              Associate/Student Administrative Assistant Resume

              Objective : Ability to successfully complete assignments with minimal supervisionGreat organizational, customer service and interpersonal skills, Demonstrated ability to work with all levels of district personnel and parents.

              Skills : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook.

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              Description :

                1. Assisted with secretarial duties Scanned and indexed files quickly and efficiently Created financial spreadsheets using Excel and Word Provided .
                2. Maintained a consistent filing system Checked and entered data Verified and distributed confidential documents Assisted students with accessing.
                3. Completed and tracked work orders for facilities maintenance through completion.
                4. Managed files and reports in established system.
                5. Responsible for reorganization of filing and helping ensure compliance with retention policies.
                6. Provided callers with information such as company address, directions to the company location, company fax numbers, and other related information .
                7. Organized training for the financial services departments, working to eliminate unnecessary processes within the University, to increase revenue and .

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                2-5 Years

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                Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (29)


                BA In International Relations

                Associate/Student Administrative Assistant I Resume

                Objective : To secure a full-time position and apply skills in the Administrative/Transcription field, At least 5 years of relevant experience preferred, High School/Trade School degree preferred.

                Skills : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, BANNER Database.

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                Description :

                  1. Assists in maintaining filing system insuring all correspondence and all files are filed appropriately for the Director of Data & Reporting and the Director of Admissions.
                  2. Assists with the Academic Success Report compiling information needed for reporting purposes.
                  3. Responsible for scanning reports into Centillion.
                  4. Responsible for getting files ready to go into storage.
                  5. Provides clerical support for special projects when assigned.
                  6. Assists other departments and offices when requested.
                  7. Serves as receptionist, directing visitors to appropriate offices.

                  Student Administrative Assistant/Supervisor Resume

                  Headline : Motivated self starter, seeking a diversified position with growth potential which will allow to utilized organizational skills, leadership, office and interpersonal skills to accomplish company goals.

                  Skills : Project Management, Proposals, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office.

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                  Description :

                    1. Responsible for screening incoming calls, taking messages and transferring calls to the appropriate person.
                    2. Greeted visitors and refer them to the appropriate personnel.
                    3. Assisted with promotion of all school event by creating and posting flyers on both bulletin boards and online.
                    4. Assisted with ticket sales and the cash handling of those sales for school events.
                    5. Imposed confidentiality while reviewing & maintaining official student documents and records.
                    6. Created and filed documents within the appropriate files to ensure organization of materials.
                    7. Provided additional administrative support for specified individuals.

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                    5-7 Years

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                    Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (37)


                    Business Administration

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                    Student Administrative Assistant Resume

                    Summary : student administrative assistant is responsible for supporting the Dean of Students’ office in the day-to-day operations. This includes working with students on a variety of issues, such as housing, academics, financial aid, and more. The student administrative assistant also assists with event planning, including logistics and marketing.

                    Skills : Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, Human Resources, Project Management, Leadership.

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                    Description :

                      1. Managed more than 20 grants accounts simultaneously.
                      2. Maintained financial reports and cost projections of department projects.
                      3. Managed and matched budget and payroll queries to reconcile expenses.
                      4. Prepared account analysis and summary reports, assist in manual and closing.
                      5. Processed budget allocation for project managers.
                      6. Managed payroll function for 20 or more employees.
                      7. Prepared purchase requests, vouchers and other documents affecting payment of funds.

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                      7-10 Years

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                      Student Administrative Assistant Resume Samples (41)


                      Business Administration

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                      What should a student assistant put on a resume? ›

                      Summary of Skills:

                      Exceptional ability to interact and communicate effectively with individuals and Students groups. Remarkable ability to organize and carry out assigned work tasks. Proven ability to deal effectively with stressful circumstances. Ability to maintain confidentiality relevant to sensitive information.

                      What does a student office assistant do? ›

                      Assist with special projects, do research, keep accurate records, handle money, act as receptionists, prepare budget records, plan departmental activities, preparation of publication materials, maintain accounting records. Good communication, organizational and supervisory skills necessary.

                      What are the objectives in resume? ›

                      A resume objective is an eye-catching statement of your career intent that's placed on top of your resume. The resume objective provides a 2-3 sentence snapshot of your professional experience, skills, and achievements, and explains why they make you the right candidate for the job.

                      What are the top 3 skills of an administrative assistant? ›

                      Top 10 Administrative Assistant Skills
                      • Organization.
                      • Time management.
                      • Interpersonal skills.
                      • Written communication.
                      • Verbal communication.
                      • Attention to detail.
                      • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
                      • Adaptability.

                      Which is an important skill for an admin office assistant? ›

                      Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are important for any administrative position. Administrators are often the go-to person that staff and clients seek out for help with questions or problems. They must be able to hear a variety of problems and solve them using critical thinking.

                      What are examples of administrative tasks? ›

                      Most often, these tasks relate to supporting an office, and include phone, email, and calendar management, internal communications, preparing reports, maintaining office equipment and office supplies, and some human resources functions.

                      What do you need to be a student assistant? ›

                      Student Assistant Requirements:
                      1. A current student attending the university.
                      2. Mature and responsible.
                      3. Able to manage stress and remain professional under pressure.
                      4. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
                      5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
                      6. Previous administrative experience would be advantageous.

                      What is a student experience assistant? ›

                      Job Purpose:

                      To enhance the student experience by providing a professional and efficient point of contact service via a face-to face Reception desk and an on-line Solve Service Management System.

                      How do I write an application letter for a student assistant? ›

                      Dear Ms. Hartman, A student assistant needs to approach their job with compassion and passion for knowledge. My desire to help students, as well as my continuing attention to detail, make me an ideal candidate for this position.

                      How do you describe administrative skills? ›

                      What Are Administrative Skills? Administrative skills are the skills that increase office productivity by consolidating time-consuming administrative tasks into one role. The most common skills include keeping projects on track, arranging travel, scheduling meetings, and filing expense reports.

                      What skills do you need for administration? ›

                      However, the following skills are what administration employers typically seek:
                      • Communication skills. ...
                      • Filing / paper management. ...
                      • Bookkeeping. ...
                      • Typing. ...
                      • Equipment handling. ...
                      • Customer service skills. ...
                      • Research skills. ...
                      • Self-motivation.
                      Jan 20, 2019

                      How do you explain administrative experience? ›

                      Someone with administrative experience is currently or has previously held a position with significant secretarial or clerical responsibilities. Administrative experience can take many forms, but it generally refers to communication, organization, research, scheduling, and office support skills.

                      What do I put on my resume if I have no experience? ›

                      Best Things to Put on a Resume When You Have No Experience
                      1. Professional summary (even if you have no experience in your resume)
                      2. Key skills you've learned in school and other experiences.
                      3. Education and academic achievements.
                      4. Classes, training and certifications.
                      5. Personal or academic projects relevant to the job.
                      May 16, 2019

                      Why are you interested in this position? ›

                      I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so by/with my …” “I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because …” “I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company because …”

                      What are top 5 skills? ›

                      Top 5 Skills Employers Look For
                      • Critical thinking and problem solving.
                      • Teamwork and collaboration.
                      • Professionalism and strong work ethic.
                      • Oral and written communications skills.
                      • Leadership.

                      What should a summary say in a resume? ›

                      Here's how to write a resume summary:

                      Describe your strong character traits in just a couple of words. Mention your current job title and professional experience. Say how you want to help the employer achieve their goals. Add info on your key achievements to prove you can deliver results when hired.

                      How do you write an introduction for a resume? ›

                      Writing a Resume Introduction
                      1. Keep it concise. You really don't need more than 3-4 powerful sentences.
                      2. Tailor your resume intro paragraph to the position you're applying for. ...
                      3. Use action words to add some power to your statements and resume keywords for a more ATS-friendly resume template.
                      4. Show your worth.

                      What are the 7 administrative roles? ›

                      Seven excellent administrative skills to include in a resume
                      • Microsoft Office.
                      • Communication skills.
                      • The ability to work autonomously.
                      • Database management.
                      • Enterprise Resource Planning.
                      • Social media management.
                      • A strong results focus.
                      Feb 16, 2021

                      Why should we hire you as an administrative assistant? ›

                      Example: “I see being an administrative assistant as a crucial piece of the functioning of an entire office, and it is my job to make that happen. I am tremendously organized, enjoy making things flow more smoothly and have 10 years of experience doing this. I stay in this career because I love doing it.”

                      How can an administrative assistant stand out? ›

                      10 Ways To Stand Out As An Administrative Assistant
                      1. Do Your Homework. Before starting your new job, take some time to do some research on the company. ...
                      2. Ask for Feedback. ...
                      3. Ask Questions; Never Assume. ...
                      4. Find a Rhythm. ...
                      5. Plan Ahead. ...
                      6. Communicate Clearly. ...
                      7. Be Resourceful. ...
                      8. Prioritize the Right Things.
                      Jun 24, 2019

                      What is the most difficult part of being an administrative assistant? ›

                      Challenge #1: Their coworkers liberally assign duties and blame. Administrative assistants are often expected to fix anything that goes wrong at work, including technical difficulties with the printer, scheduling conflicts, internet connectivity problems, clogged toilets, messy break rooms, and so on.

                      What are your weaknesses administrative assistant? ›

                      So as a recap, the four answers that you can give when being asked, what are your greatest weaknesses, are, I focus too much on the details, I've got a hard time saying no sometimes, I've had trouble asking for help in the past, and I have a hard time letting go of a project.

                      What are the five roles of administration? ›

                      In order to effectively perform their responsibilities, administrators must fill the roles of leader, mentor, manager, decider, and builder. These five roles are interdependent and synergistic as they impact one another and gain in value as proficiency develops in one of the other roles.

                      What is the work of school administrator? ›

                      School Administrators oversee administrative tasks in schools, colleges or other educational institutions. They ensure that the organization runs smoothly and they also manage facilities and staff.

                      What are the 4 types of administrators? ›

                      Types of Administrators
                      • Store Administrator. An administrator who manages licenses and configures access controls for
                      • Users & System Administrator. An administrator who configures various settings, such as adding users and security settings.
                      • Administrator. ...
                      • Department Administrators.

                      What is my responsibility in the learning process? ›

                      The learner is an active participant in the teaching and learning activities. The learner's responsibilities are: ✓ To actively listen to others, think, make comments, discuss ideas, ask questions, read, write, talk, observe and listen for understanding.

                      What is a student assessment? ›

                      Student assessment enables instructors to measure the effectiveness of their teaching by linking student performance to specific learning objectives. As a result, teachers are able to institutionalize effective teaching choices and revise ineffective ones in their pedagogy.

                      What is a student position? ›

                      Academic positions allow students to perform work for the university that is academic in nature (e.g., research, classroom or laboratory support duties, tutoring). An undergraduate student may be assigned as a Tutor (Undergraduate), Assistant (Undergraduate), or Undergraduate Research Assistant.

                      Why do you want to be a student assistant? ›

                      Why do you want to work as a student assistant? You can basically repeat the things I just mentioned–to help fellow students and educators, to actively contribute to the college community, to get to know some educators, and perhaps earn your first working experience.

                      How do I write a cover letter with no relevant experience? ›

                      How to write a cover letter with no experience
                      1. Carefully review the job posting and research the company's website. ...
                      2. List your contact information at the top of the document. ...
                      3. Greet the reader and introduce yourself. ...
                      4. Explain your skills and achievements relevant to the position. ...
                      5. Remind them why you're best for the position.
                      Feb 25, 2020

                      How do I write a cover letter for student affairs? ›

                      Highlight your qualifications in relation to the position description. Draw on your experiences and site-specific examples. Do not repeat what is already on your resume.
                      1. State the position to which you are applying.
                      2. Indicate how you learned about the position.
                      3. Target your letter and focus on the organization's needs.

                      How do you describe administrative assistant experience? ›

                      Administrative assistants handle general office tasks and administrative duties, such as directing communications between colleagues and customers, organizing schedules and events, entering data, bookkeeping, maintaining office equipment and so on.

                      How do you write an admin job on a resume? ›

                      Administrative Resumes

                      Attention to detail and project management are essential skills for administrative professionals. Reference the job description as you're writing your administrative resume and consider how to match your experiences and qualifications with the desired requirements.


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