President's Award - International Trademark Association (2023)

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Nominations closed on Friday, September 2, 2022.

The President’s Award acknowledges the profound appreciation of the global trademark and related intellectual property community to individuals of a member organization who, over the course of a career in trademark and related IP law, have made a lasting impact on our Association and our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for the President's Award?

The President’s Award is granted to one or more individuals from a member organization who:

  • Consistently provides outstanding service to INTA through work on committees, task forces, and/or the Board of Directors
  • Offers innovative approaches to the fulfillment of INTA’s mission that have had an enduring impact on the Association
  • Acts as a role model and leader in the practice of trademark and related IP law

Who is eligible to submit nominations?

  • Board of Directors
  • Officers
  • Counsel
  • INTA Foundation Board of Governors
  • Past Presidents and Past Counsel
  • Committee members
  • Global Advisory Council and Programming Advisory Council participants
  • Task Force and Project Team members
  • All staff

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Any individual of a member organization who meets the above criteria

Who decides on the President’s Award recipients?

Our Board Officers evaluate the nominations and select the award recipients. We recognize them at the Awards Ceremony at the Leadership Meeting every year.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

2021 President's Award

President's Award - International Trademark Association (1)

Pravin Anand

Anand and Anand Advocates


(Video) 2020 INTA Presidents Award Winners

I am delighted and honored to receive this award! They say sports and music create bonds, but INTA like brands build one big family. Yesterday was my father’s 93rd birthday, and the first greeting came from an INTA friend in Pakistan.

An IP trailblazer, Mr. Anand has been a practicing attorney since 1979 when he joined Anand and Anand, an extension of the one-room law firm that his grandfather established in 1923. Since, Mr. Anand has expanded the firm to four major cities with 400 professionals. His practice encompasses all areas of IP litigation, including patents, copyright, design, trademarks, enforcement, and dispute resolution.

A dedicated INTA volunteer for decades, he has served on many committees, project teams, and task forces, and on INTA’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008.

Mr. Anand’s countless accomplishments include several landmark IP cases which have maintained the protection of creatives and led to extensive growth of India’s IP jurisprudence. Among them are theFerid Allanicase, which paved the way for software patenting in India; theChristian Louboutincase, which protected the famous red sole as a single-color trademark in India;Philips v Amazestore, a landmark judgment on aggravated damages for IP infringers, and many more.

Recent work includes the Tommy Hilfiger Europe case, in which Mr. Anand argued for consumer health and trust in the face of counterfeit personal protective equipment that featured trademarks of well-known brands.

President's Award - International Trademark Association (2)

Iris Quadrio

Marval, O’Farrell & Maira


INTA is and has always been very important in my professional and personal life. It highly impacted my career as a lawyer and helped me develop business and management skills.

Most importantly, INTA opened the door to long-lasting friendships and made me a more diverse and accomplished person and professional. Receiving the President’s Award is a huge honor—a recognition that I also want to share with all the dedicated and committed INTA leaders and friends who have been inspirational in so many different ways.

Ms. Quadrio has been practicing at the law firm—the largest in Argentina— as a partner since 1998. She has extensive experience in trademarks, trade dress, copyright, and other IP issues.

A long-time active member of INTA who served on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008, Ms. Quadrio has a long and well-deserved history of receiving accolades for her volunteer work at the Association.

She received INTA’s Volunteer Service Award for the Advancement of the Association in 2009 for “guiding the formation and leadership of the Latin America Council,” as well as for her involvement in legislative initiatives and collaborative efforts in the region. Earlier, in 2004, she was recognized with the Volunteer Service Award for Advancement of Committee or Subcommittee Objectives for her role as chair of the Trademark Office Practices Committee, Examination Subcommittee.

During her two decades as an INTA volunteer, Ms. Quadrio also served as chair of the International Amicus Committee, and the Treaty Analysis Committee, and as vice chair of the Leadership Development Committee, among other roles. Currently, she is a member of the Non-Traditional Marks Committee, the Programming Advisory Council, and the 2021 Presidential Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

(Video) Lara Kayode, 2019 INTA Awards Winner, President's Award

Past Award Winners

2020 President's Award

President's Award - International Trademark Association (3)

2020 President's Award Winner

Anna Carboni

Wiggin LLP


Being involved with INTA for a quarter century has given me enjoyment, legal knowledge, professional skills, and—best of all—friends all over the world. Receiving INTA’s President’s Award is fabulous icing on the cake, which I would love to share with my INTA friends and colleagues who have been so supportive all the way.

At the time of receiving this award, Anna Carboni had already committed more than 25 years to INTA, including serving on the Association’s Board of Directors from 2012 to 2013. She served as INTA’s Counsel in 2018 and 2019, becoming the first practitioner outside of North America to hold that position at the Association. During her time as Counsel, Ms. Carboni oversaw the revision of INTA’s Code of Policies to ensure that they provide a best-practice platform from which the Association can continue to advance its work.

In the 2020–2021 Committee Term, she is serving on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and as the European Union contributor to the Trademark Cancellations Practice Guide. In 2016, Ms. Carboni eagerly responded to INTA’s request to participate in its Brexit Task Force, representing INTA members’ interests and advocating before the UK government on various IP issues related to the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union.

In addition to her countless accomplishments at INTA, Ms. Carboni has made significant contributions to IP law through her judicial and quasi-judicial appointments. She was an Appointed Person hearing trademark appeals from the UK IP Office for more than seven years. She has been a Nominet Dispute Resolution Service Expert since 2004 and is an accredited mediator for The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. Ms. Carboni is also a thought leader in the IP world, sitting on the editorial boards of the European Trade Mark Reports and the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice. She has published chapters on mediation in IP cases and overlapping rights. In 2007, Anna joined a group of IP lawyers from around world to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, raising a considerable amount of money along the way for ActionAid, an organization dedicated to ending poverty.

President's Award - International Trademark Association (4)

2020 President's Award Winner

Mladen Vukmir

Vukmir & Associates


During my career I saw INTA as a source of professional excellence and integrity, of collegiality and friendship, of a globalized outlook at the world, of integration and tolerance—all things that I cherish. The work that went into my volunteer contributions always ended up having an impact, and that is most of what we can strive to achieve in our professional lives. This is why the INTA President’s Award means so much to me.

Mladen Vukmir has participated on a staggering number and variety of committees, project teams, and advocacy groups at INTA for more than two decades. He’s also assumed several leadership positions, including as member of INTA’s Board of Directors from 2012 to 2014 and chairing the Brands and Innovation Committee during the 2018–2019 Committee Term.

(Video) INTA 2021 President's Award

One of Mr. Vukmir’s passions is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and, as such, he has embraced INTA’s focus, as part of its Strategic Plan, on CSR and sustainability. In the 2020–2021 Committee Term, he is a member of the Association’s Brands for a Better Society Committee. And, in 2017, he co-chaired INTA’s Brand Authenticity Conference in Berlin, Germany, which explored the powerful impact CSR, sustainability, and integrity can have had on brand value and business results. Also on the CSR front, Mr. Vukmir and his firm have committed to supporting a private venture developing a way to sequester carbon by the deployment of “marine snow,” designed to beat global warming and contribute to the creation of a better planet. To raise awareness about the importance of CSR initiatives, Mr. Vukmir interviewed his business partner who developed the technology to produce marine snow, and authorized INTA to post the video interview on its YouTube channel.

Among his numerous accomplishments in Croatia, Mr. Vukmir has been appointed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia to serve as a member of the Board of Appeals for Patents and Topographies. He has also written and lectured on various IP topics, including regularly teaching as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Law.

2019 President's Award

President's Award - International Trademark Association (5)

2019 President's Award Winner

Lara Kayode

O. Kayode and Co.


I believe my involvement at INTA is one of the reasons I describe myself as a citizen of the world. Winning the President’s Award is a real honor which my colleagues and I do not take for granted. It is absolutely humbling to think that out of so many member volunteers at INTA we made the mark.

Lara Kayode is Founder and Managing Partner at O. Kayode and Co. and has been practicing law since 1992. Volunteering at INTA for nearly 20 years, she has participated on various committees, contributing to advocacy and policy work, educational programs, and legal resources. She served on the Board from 2012 to 2015.

Ms. Kayode has contributed significantly to INTA’s anticounterfeiting efforts. For example, in 2010, while volunteering on the Anticounterfeiting Committee, she, together with fellow Committee member Uche Nwokocha, took the lead in organizing and hosting INTA’s first official anticounterfeiting program in Nigeria. During the 2018‒2019 Committee Term, Ms. Kayode chaired INTA’s Unreal Campaign Committee, Asia and Africa Subcommittee. Under her leadership in the region, INTA’s awareness initiative for young consumers had exceptional growth—including a 172 percent increase in the number of students reached and a 67 percent increase in the number of events held.

President's Award - International Trademark Association (6)

2019 President's Award Winner

Marion Heathcote

Davies Collison Cave


In a volunteer organization such as INTA, where many give generously of their time and experience and all work is ultimately collaborative, to be singled out is extremely humbling. To me this is a recognition not just of my efforts but also the contributions made by so many others, including those who have guided me, encouraged me, supported me, and worked alongside me over many years.

Marion Heathcote, Principal at Davies Collison Cave, has been a volunteer with INTA for nearly two decades. She has been a member of various committees, contributing to INTA’s advocacy, educational programs, and publications. She served on the Board from 2005 to 2008 and has been a member of the Asia-Pacific Global Advisory Council since 2014.

In 2009, INTA presented Ms. Heathcote with the INTA Volunteer Service Award for the Advancement of Trademark Law for her work in championing indigenous rights regionally and globally. She served as the inaugural chair of the Indigenous Rights Committee from 2016 to 2018. During her time as chair, the Committee helped INTA provide pro bono assistance to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Traditional Knowledge Division for capacity-building workshops held in Iqualit, Laos, the Philippines, and Western Samoa to guide indigenous peoples and local communities in understanding the IP system. This led to INTA’s involvement in WIPO’s new “Project-Based Training and Mentoring Program on Intellectual Property for Women Entrepreneurs from indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.”

(Video) Call for 2022 Award Nominations | Zeeger Vink


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(Video) Marion Heathcote, 2019 INTA Awards Winner, President's Award


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